About Us

Our Mission

Provide help and comfort to those dogs who are being released from breeders for any reason, surrendered dogs who the owners can no longer care for, and dogs who are place on euthanasia lists in shelters. We educate the public on the importance of altering their pets, preventing euthanasia, and the need to rescue abandoned pets. Finally, we provide support for senior dogs, hospice dogs, cruelty prevention, and assistance during emergencies.

Our Policy

To continuously improve our network of breeder relations, rescue groups, and education associations in order to save as many dogs as possible.

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BRAS appreciates all donations that will help us retrieve the dogs, provide veterinary care, shelter them, feed them, care for them and 100% of all donations go directly to the welfare of the dogs.

Breeder Release Adoption Service is a Non-Profit 501c3 tax exempt rescue organization who is licensed to  operate in the state of  Colorado.

Operations information:

This is a, 501c3 non-profit,  non-discrimination organization

Contact Information
Phone (719) 845-0120
Email:  connibouchard@gmail.com
Contact Person:  Conni Bouchard - Director

Mailing Address:

Breeder Release Adoption Service

18500 CR 47.7

Boncarbo, CO 81024