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Hi! My name is Clara and I am a little Maltese girl who is 8 years old and I weigh 15 pounds. I have lived in confinement all of my life so am just learning about this big new world. I need a quiet home with no children who would scare me and a stay at home parent who will give me all the love I have missed. If you want an adorable little girl to teach all about love, please ask for me on your application.
Love, Clara 041016-34





Petco stores through out the Phoenix Metro Area.


Critter Rescue Roundup 2017

Sat Aug 5th, 9am-4pm

Sun Aug 6th 10am-3pm

201 S. Fairview St, Woodland Park, CO


New Mexico

Petco stores in Farmington and Albuquerque.


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New Transport Van

Well, the new transport van has arrived....finally.  It took a longer than usual time to get the unit.  Why so long you ask? First we had to deal with the Chicken Tax (you can Google this).  Basically all commercial vans and trucks produced overseas, are assembled in their respective countries such as Germany, Spain, or Italy.  They are then shipped to Argentina to be disassembled, repackaged, and loaded on a ship to the U.S. Here, they are reassembled and finally shipped to the dealer.  It looks like you are scratching a hole in your head over this, but wait.  The next event we had to deal with was the Volkswagen botched emissions scandal (yep, you can Google this also).  What you say? Well, all manufactures especially the Germans were raked over with a fine tooth comb to make sure they were not cheating on their emissions results.  This added a few more months for the release of our van, and everyone else waiting for their new toy.  If you live in Colorado Springs you can see the results of this VW disaster.  In the southern part of the city next to the race track one can see well over a thousand recalled VW,s parked in a massive dirt lot with car haulers lined up to be unloaded.  All of the energy to produce these vehicles only to have them recalled is truly a crying shame.

Any way we are truly grateful to all of those who donated to help acquire the new van. The upgrades will make the two thousand mile trips much more comfortable for the transport crew and animals. It is fully air conditioned, the summer heat of the mid west is brutal, the dogs will ride in a better environment. They're already hot from stress of riding in their first vehicle.  So once again thank you for your support in our mission.  Keep in touch by watching our Facebook to see what is happening and how the van is working out.

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