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Adopt A Pet

Here is Remi and Skye two mini Australian Shepherds.  They are both a bonded pair because Remi is Skye's mother.  Skye is totally blind, but moves about as if she can see.  Remi is always close to her guiding her about the yard, showing her where the food and water are, and where to go when the thunder storms start blasting.  Both are very kind dogs and are itching to get out in the open to herd some sheep, or your family.  There is a 20% discount off of their regular adoption fees. Keep in mind we are a non-profit in need of support to get read for the next rescue. 





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Petco stores in Farmington and Albuquerque.


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Potty Trained?

    Are your dogs potty trained? This is a question we get asked multiple times a day.  Multiple times a day we say no they are not, none of our dogs are potty trained.  Frequently, there is a gasp of shock on the other end of the line.  "What do you mean these dogs are not potty trained.  They are older dogs they should be potty trained.  You people don't know what you're doing there!" say the inquiring potential adopters.

     Well, a long time ago we rescued a pet from someone that was going into hospice.  The dog was potty trained, until he came to our main facility. We manage up to ninety animals at anytime, and just don't have time to potty train, or keep a trained dog trained.  This "potty trained" dog was adopted to a lady who need a potty trained dog.  The next day she called in a rage screaming at the top of her lungs that this dog we gave her is using her house as a toilet.  She cussed and swore like a sailor, called us liars, cheaters and thieves.  We calmly listened to her concerns and tried to calm her down to help her solve the problem.  The dog was returned the following day. What we forgot was the number one rule in dog land.  Thou shall mark all new things in my new territory (Dawg 3:16).  Regardless of training, all new dogs to your house will mark up a territory to claim it.  Needles to say we have never told another soul that a dog is potty trained. It might be trained, but we will never tell you this.

     So potential adopter, keep in mind our dogs are not potty trained we don't have time to work that problem.  You can't potty train ninety dogs at time nor are we going to try.  Most of our adopters have reported different levels of success with this issue.  Some are very lucky and the dog knows what to do right out of the gate.  Most will tell you it takes about four to ten days to get the job done.  Then there are some who have accepted the fact their new dog will never train to go out side. 

     We recommend that you use positive reinforcement. Use human food like cheese, meat, ect to reward your new buddy when they do things you want.  Most of all you just have to be patient and tolerant to get the job done.  Remember our dogs will do what you want, and become great pets. Its all up to you and your patients.

     So beware when an animal rescue says "Oh our dogs are leashed trained and potty trained."  It might be true when they are in their care.  It won't be the case when you take them home.  Animals regress and start to mark up new territory.  So be patient be tolerant and help your new friend to explore a world free from pain and suffering.

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